Our Mission

We use data to empower people to make better decisions about careers and education.

Optimal helps prospective students make informed, data-driven decisions to improve their collegiate experience and their post-college careers. We provide over 85,000 in-depth student reviews and college rankings for every major based on alumni salaries and manually researched tuitions. Our tools and services provide accessible, transparent financial data regarding cost and earning potential that give students educational paths that lead them to success, without burdening them with insurmountable debt.

While many other education researchers obscure data and promote exclusively elite colleges, we understand that transparency, accessibility, and impact are crucial. We will always be transparent about what data we are using and where it is coming from. We will focus on providing data that really matters to people and could have a tangible impact on their lives, like what their earning potential will be and what it will cost them to get there. We strive to let the data lead us to what the best educational options are out there and to share that with you.

Our Values

Our values at Optimal reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company:

  • Objectivity - All of our resources are based on careful research and real student reviews. We do not allow financial incentives to sway the integrity of our resources.
  • Transparency - We never hide our sources or methodologies. We recognize the importance of understanding where data comes from and how we are using it, and will always make that clear.
  • Accessibility - We make the data that is important to you easily available in one accessible, comprehensive place to allow for comparison.
  • Quality - We are dedicated to helping students determine which schools and programs have the best quality, which is why we focus on accreditation and outcomes data.
  • Accuracy - Our manual research is a key factor of our resources to ensure the information is factual. We strive to always have the most accurate, up-to-date information and to make important data more accessible.