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Optimal has been publishing rankings of colleges since 2009 and awarding scholarships since 2010. We pride ourselves on thorough research and fair assessment of all available programs, with the hopes of helping students make educated decisions when choosing a degree.

Optimal was formerly know as SR Education Group until January of 2020, when the company rebranded. All blog posts from 2019 and before will refer to SR Education Group.

Optimal Announces Summer 2022 Scholarship Winners

Optimal provides critical and up-to-date information on college degrees and career paths to individuals pursuing affordable, convenient, and high-... Read more »

Optimal Announces Spring 2022 Scholarship Winners

At Optimal, our goal is to provide students with the chance to realize their higher education goals. In addition to providing crucial information ... Read more »

Optimal Announces Winter 2022 Scholarship Winners

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Optimal Announces Fall 2021 Scholarship Winners

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Optimal Announces Summer 2021 Scholarship Winners

Since 2010, Optimal has offered need-based scholarships to help college students realize their educational and career goals. We view this as an ex... Read more »

Optimal Announces Spring 2021 Scholarship Winners

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Optimal Announces Winter Scholarship Winners for 2021

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Announcing Optimal’s Fall Quarter Scholarship Recipients

The Optimal scholarship board has chosen 26 winners for this quarter’s higher education scholarships! Optimal created its needs-based scholarship ... Read more »

CEO Perspective: How Optimal Came to Be

...empower people to make better decisions about their education by giving them the data they need to do it. Optimal was an accident. A serendipi... Read more »

Optimal Stands With Black Communities

At Optimal, we stand with Black students and communities and are committed to ongoing efforts that advance social justice within our company and co... Read more »

Optimal’s Releases College Rankings Based on Median Net Income

Social work is a quickly growing field that allows graduates to enter the workforce and immediately pursue their passion of helping others. However... Read more »

Optimal’s Online Education Resources Highlighted by Forbes

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