Optimal Stands With Black Communities

At Optimal, we stand with Black students and communities and are committed to ongoing efforts that advance social justice within our company and community. We oppose racism and injustice of all kinds and want to do our part to help.

We believe the following actions will support our values of promoting equality, helping provide accessible education, and serving the community.

As a company, Optimal plans to take the following concrete next steps:

  1. We will review our hiring process and spend resources to increase the diversity of our applicant pool.

  2. We will double our charitable giving to Seattle Education Access to $60K annually. SEA provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to young people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity.

  3. We will allocate $50K annually for donations to other charitable educational organizations that the employees choose.

  4. We will double employee charitable matching in June and July, and continue to match donations throughout the rest of the year ongoing. Employees have donated to organizations such as Equal Justice Initiative and United Negro College Fund.

  5. Each employee will receive 3 paid volunteer and service days per year to spend on serving the community.