Our Scholarships

To further our mission to make higher education more accessible, Optimal launched its needs-based scholarship program in 2010. Since then, we've given over $915,000 of our profit to multiple recipients with high financial need and strong career aspirations.

Community College Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Students enrolled at a public community college, junior college, technical college, or city college, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree at the associate’s level or a first-time bachelor’s level.

AWARD: $2,000
DEADLINE: 09/30/22

Undergraduate Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Undergraduate students enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree at the associate’s level or a first-time bachelor’s level.

AWARD: $2,000
DEADLINE: 09/30/22

Online Degree Scholarship

ELIGIBILITY: Students enrolled at a private or public educational institution, and working towards a certificate, diploma, or degree at the associate’s, bachelor’s or post-bachelor’s level. The academic program must be pursued online - all classes require little to no attendance on campus.

AWARD: $2,000
DEADLINE: 09/30/22


Optimal was formerly know as SR Education Group until January of 2020, when the company rebranded. Many of our scholarship winners' quotes will refer to SR Education Group.

Community College Scholarship, April 2022
Paula Dockstader
College of Western Idaho

"I am very grateful for this scholarship that is going to help me towards my goal of becoming a Social Worker."

Undergraduate Scholarship, April 2022
Devon Norberto
University of New Mexico

"Ahéhee' – thank you. I just wanted to thank the selection community for choosing me to receive this quarter’s Optimal Undergraduate Scholarship. To be honest I had forgotten that the selection date was this month and was completely taken aback after receiving the notification of my selection for the scholarship. The scholarship will alleviate any financial burden that I have to allow me to focus on my studies. It brings me a step closer to completing my political science degree and pursuing a career in government to bring positive change, equality, and reformation to our current system. Again, thank you so much!"

Online Degree Scholarship, April 2022
Alma Arellano
Adams State University

"Thank you for the selection as this quarters Optimal Scholarship Winner. This will provide me the opportunity to take courses over the Summer and Fall to be able to stay on track to graduate while continuing to work full time. My goal is to use my future counseling degree to help students learn to overcome their obstacles and believe they deserve the best future possible."

Undergraduate Scholarship, January 2022
Afrikaan Sahra
Seattle University

"Thank you so much for selecting me to receive this quarter's Optimal Scholarship. This scholarship will help me get closer to my dream of becoming a computer scientist. I am a senior, and I hope to graduate in Spring 2022. Upon graduation, I hope to work with the immigrant and refugee community in South King County, WA, to reduce the digital gap and help my community through advocacy and technology literacy."

Online Degree Scholarship, January 2022
Ruth Hallows
Ruth Laura Hallows

"Luk'wil nt'oyaxsn - thank you very much. Finances play a critical role in my capacity to study as a non-traditional student and single parent of four children whose time is heavily influenced by recovery. Support from Optimal increases my ability to focus on learning and earning my degree by helping me meet financial obligations. Lu'aam goodu. Lu'aam wing̱a̱wsu. My heart is well. My mind is well. Luk'wil nt'oyaxsn."

Community College Scholarship, January 2022
Selina Rodriguez
Pima Community College

"I was so surprised when I read the email. I almost mistook it for spam mail but when I realized it was real I was so emotional, I even cried. This scholarship will help me pay for school expenses that FASFA didn't cover, and I won't have to take out loans. I am so thankful for this scholarship and the relief it has given me."

Undergraduate Scholarship, October 2021
Xavier Senteno
California State University-Sacramento

"Receiving the Optimal scholarship was a surprise and I leaped from my bed with excitement at the news. As I am expect to complete my undergraduate studies soon this scholarship is just another stepping stone and reminder that my hard work is paying off and that there are optimal resources out there for people in need. You just have to put in the grit and strife to work for it”-Xavier Senteno"

Community College Scholarship, October 2021
Sharonda Smith
Texarkana College

"I am honored to have been chosen for this quarter's scholarship. I am using this money for tuition, technology, and books and to continue my education. I am a 50 year old single mother and going back to school has made me look at life a little different. I am grateful that I was awarded this scholarship and I will continue, until I get a bachelor's degree and pursue a career in business. Sincerely, Sharonda Smith"

Online Degree Scholarship, October 2021
Cleo Lepolo-Gaines
Academy of Art University

"Thank you! I feel like I can’t say that enough because I am especially grateful to be a recipient of this quarters Optimal Online Degree Scholarship. I chose to pursue a path of higher education pertaining to doing something bigger than what I was, which was nerving to me when I thought about how I was going to go about this route. To receive help in the form of this scholarship is a gift of needed support and also motivation to continue my journey. Thank you to my big family, I love y’all. Thank you Optimal! Peace."

Undergraduate Scholarship, July 2021
Arieh Magedman
Northern Arizona University

"Thank you so much to the Optimal team for selecting me as a recipient of the Undergraduate Scholarship award – it is an honor! These funds will help me complete nursing school. This scholarship is meaningful to me because I am reminded that others believe in me as much as I do. Receiving this scholarship furthers my passion to thrive in school so that I can help others as a Registered Nurse. Sincerely, Arieh Magedman"