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Who's Hiring Graduates of California's Online Colleges?

By Michael McCarthy, Taylor Nichols | Updated 10/12/2021

A look at the top employers, industries, and jobs for the best online schools in California for salary

Who's Hiring Graduates of the Top Colleges in California?

By Jennifer King Logan | Updated 10/13/2021

A look at the largest employers, industries, and occupations behind the best schools for salary in California

New data shows which bootcamps have higher tech employment rates than The Ivy Leagues

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 9/28/2021

Our new study shows that bootcamps offer similar, if not higher, in-field employment rates than computer science degrees from well-known universities

Can Online Colleges Offer Competitive Career Outcomes?

By Sung Rhee | Updated 8/18/2021

Our study investigates salary and employment data for the most popular online schools in the U.S. Learn which schools did best for post-grad outcomes.

Who's Hiring Graduates of Texas Online Colleges?

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 7/13/2021

We found the top employers driving high salaries for alumni of the schools ranked on our list of Best Online Colleges by Salary Score in Texas.

Looking to Land a Prestigious Job After Your MBA? Here's a Look at the Best Schools

By Sung Rhee | Updated 7/16/2021

MBAs aren't one size fits all when it comes to outcomes. Learn which MBA programs land graduates the best jobs in consulting, investment banking, and tech.

Coding Bootcamp vs College: Which Will Help You Land the Most Prestigious Jobs in the Tech Industry?

By Sung Rhee | Updated 5/11/2021

Data shows top bootcamps can offer similar job outcomes to popular computer science programs nationwide.

Is an Ivy League Degree Worth It? A Look at How Alumni Salaries Stack Up

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 3/2/2021

We examined starting salaries for Ivy League graduates to find out how much a prestigious education impacts career and future earnings.

Pay over Prestige: College Rankings that Focus on What Actually Matters to Graduates

By Sung Rhee | Updated 1/25/2021

Bucking the trends of prestige-based rankings, GradReports uses graduate salaries to help students choose colleges with the most financial benefit.

Is a Master's Degree Worth It?

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 2/9/2021

Find out which master's degrees offer the highest (and lowest) salary boosts. Our study compares the salary increases for 193 fields of study.

The Online Student Perspective: What are the top-rated online colleges, and what are they doing right?

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 12/29/2020

Alumni reviews reveal important indicators of top-rated online colleges for prospective students.

College in the COVID Era: Students Share What Went Well and How Schools Can Do Better

By Taylor Nichols | Updated 10/6/2020

We conducted a survey in August and early September to find out how the shift to online learning affected students, and how schools could alter their approaches.

The Degrees with the Best ROI During the COVID-19 Recession

By Brittany McCullough | Updated 6/10/2020

Every industry in the world has been impacted by COVID-19. Read more about the degrees with best ROI during a recession.


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