Optimal’s Online Education Resources Highlighted by Forbes

As incoming freshmen plan their futures, they have many options to consider for the fall semester. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, online education programs can be an appealing choice for students, ensuring stability and safety while providing a quality education.

In Forbes’ recent piece, "You Have Been Accepted To College For The Fall. Should You Go?" Lucie Lapovsky mentions Optimal as a great resource for finding an online college or degree program.

Optimal offers several products that students can utilize to find the right online degree program for them. OnlineU enables prospective students to compare online schools based on their value, incorporating important factors in their rankings such as subject-specific tuition costs and mid-career return on investment. GradReports features over 34,000 college reviews to give real-life perspectives of students, and also has online rankings based on early-career salary data.

All of the Optimal products show schools that have been online for years with fully developed remote campuses, giving them an advantage over colleges that are quickly trying to set up an online presence without many resources.

These online education options are especially helpful as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities, requiring social distance for safety.

As Lucie explains, “Many (college students) may find that remote learning can be a very rewarding and academically satisfying experience and will work for you if you want to stay close to home and to control how much you interact with people as long as Covid-19 is still a major concern.”

Optimal is here to help students find those academically satisfying programs that they can complete from the safety of their own homes.