We are Proud to Announce our 2016 Top Graduate Schools

The 2016 Top Graduate Schools badge

We are proud to announce a new initiative here at SR Education Group: GraduatePrograms.com! Through this new site, we're releasing the 2016 Top Graduate Schools. Since 2012, we've been collecting reviews of graduate programs around the country and we've used those 50,000 student reviews to create annual rankings. This year, in an effort to help prospective students get valuable quantitative feedback from alumni, SR Education Group has published over 35 distinct rankings covering both traditional and online programs. There are 32 program-specific Top Graduate Schools lists for campus-based schools and 7 program-specific Top Online Graduate Schools lists.

With 18 of their programs making the 2016 Top Graduate Schools, The University of Southern California topped the lists as the most recognized graduate school. 16 of their traditional on-campus graduate degrees were rated as among the best, and 2 of their online degrees came in on the rankings. Unlike undergraduate schooling, all graduate students select a school based off of which degree programs they offer. This makes The University of Southern California a safe bet for most graduate school hopefuls willing to relocate to California.

For those students unable to relocate for graduate school, there are 7 lists ranking the best online graduate programs in Business, Counseling, Education, MBA, Public Health, Social Work, and Nursing. Liberty University was the most notable online graduate school, making 6 of the 7 top programs lists. Des Moines University was the most affordable online graduate school to be ranked #1. The annual tuition for their graduate degrees in public health are under $10,000. Overall, 75 different graduate schools made the rankings for their online degree programs.

Be sure to head over to http://www.graduateprograms.com and check out all of our rankings!