Announcing Our Financial Aid Twitter Chat

We’re excited to announce that we will host a financial aid Twitter chat with Seattle Education Access.


When: Thursday, October 4th at 9:30 a.m. PDT

Topics: Financial aid, work-study, and budgeting

Whom to Follow: @SREducationGrp, @VoicesOfSEA

Hashtag: #CollegeQnA

SR Education Group believes that an affordable college experience contributes significantly to a student’s success. Students with a significant amount of financial aid graduate with less debt, can devote more time to studies, and go through college with less stress. That’s the elusive win-win-win.

Seattle Education Access is incredibly gifted at providing support to college students. They serve 500 to 600 low-income students every year by helping students find scholarships, work-study opportunities, affordable housing, and tutoring. SEA is so good at what they do that 90 percent of their students graduate from college. If you are a college student, you do not want to miss this chance to get free financial aid advice.

Are you excited to make college more affordable? Follow @SREducationGrp and @VoicesOfSEA then tell your friends about the chat!

You can visit SEA’s website to learn more about their programs. If you are not in college currently, consider donating to their organization.

How Twitter Chats Work

Participating in Twitter chats is very simple. First, you need a Twitter account. Then you simply write your question or comment in a tweet and add #CollegeQnA to the end (capitalization is not important). To see what other people are tweeting, perform a search for #CollegeQnA in Twitter. If you want to address someone directly, add their Twitter username to your tweet preceded by the @ symbol. Here’s an example:

@SREducationGrp Where can I find a scholarship for single-parents? #CollegeQnA

We’ll see your tweet and respond:

@CollegeStudent You can apply to our Single-Parent Scholarship here: #CollegeQnA

To see tweets that people send to you, click on the Connect tab in the top navigation of Twitter.

See you all in the Twittersphere!