Financial Aid Twitter Chat Recap

This morning, we conducted a Twitter Chat on the topic of financial aid and scholarships. There were five major themes from our chat: the complexity of financial aid, tips you may not have heard, resources for foster students, the value of national scholarship databases, and opportune times to look for new scholarships.

First off, we discussed some of the nuances that go along with scholarship winnings. Sometimes, winning a scholarship might be a bad thing because it will cause you to lose work-study or a Pell grant. The overarching theme? Always, always, always talk with a counselor from your college’s financial aid office and look into the details before applying to scholarships.

Second, the College Navigators at SEA really know their stuff. They had a lot of tips that most students don’t know, but should.

Third, we got a question from David Sharp about resources for foster youth. Foster programs are set up by individual states, so resources will vary widely depending on where you live. SEA had a couple of great starting points for students from Washington State.

Fourth, we talked about national scholarship databases. They can be helpful for out-of-state students but can overwhelm a student and make their scholarship search inefficient.

We finished off the chat with a short series of tips about some opportune times to look for new scholarships.

A special thank you to all of our participants!

What do you think? Should we do it again sometime? If you missed the chat or just though of a great question, you can always tweet @SREducationGrp and we’ll do everything we can to get you an answer.