Guide to Online Schools Publishes The Truth About Online Learning

Today, Guide to Online Schools released the Truth About Online Learning. The study evaluates 4,650 reviews from students who graduated from various online colleges across the United States. The Truth About Online Learning is the first study ever published providing an in-depth analysis of online college graduates opinions on their online degree programs.

The school ratings we used are based on student reviews that we have collected over seven years on, and vetted for authenticity. Since 2008, online, hybrid, and on-campus students have submitted 14,278 alumni reviews from 1,688 schools. You can provide your own review of your school over at

“The Truth About Online Learning” looks at how online education fares in relation to traditional campus colleges, how online non-profit schools perform vs for-profit schools, and identifies the shortcomings of online schools. To read all about our exciting findings and to learn the truth about online learning, click here:

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