Get to Know Our 6 Community College Scholarship Winners

We’re wrapping up the last of our scholarship awards from 2017 with 6 Community College Scholarship winners! The next Community College Scholarship round is already open, so check out the application and be sure to submit yours before the May 31st deadline.

For the most recently completed round, our winners are: Latasha Begay, Carla Frazier, Elizabeth Morris, Tamara Clegg, Connor Morrissey, and Brandy Weiler. Read on to learn about these inspiring students and their personal journeys to reach their education goals.

Latasha Begay Latasha Begay is studying Vision Care Technology at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, In the future, she would like to become an Ophthalmologist and return to her reservation to help her native people, who are often underserved. As a single mother working full-time and attending college full-time, she has persevered through many obstacles to get where she is and is intent on pursuing the life she envisions for herself and her son. “I can now focus on my studies and have more time off from work to spend with my son,” Latasha said. “All my dedication and hard work to finish school is to provide him with a good life.”

Carla Frazier Carla Frazier attends Central New Mexico Community College and is in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Her goals include gaining a bachelor’s in science, developing a career in echocardiology, and providing an excellent life for her three children. Carla has experienced significant hardship, but has proven she can pick herself up from anything and move forward towards the goals she sets for herself.

Elizabeth Morris Elizabeth Morris is a student at Helena College University of Montana. She enrolled in the nursing program after seeing the need for nurses in Montana and hopes to work in a hospital after graduating. Elizabeth currently works and attends school full-time, and after hearing she won the scholarship, said, “I felt an immediate sense of relief that I would be able to focus on my studies without this financial worry hanging over my head.”

Tamara Clegg Tamara Clegg is pursuing an education degree at East Arkansas Community College. Her next steps include starting a career as an elementary school teacher and continuing her education in order to earn a master’s in teaching. In addition to taking classes full-time, Tamara works full-time and helps care for her three children. Upon hearing she was awarded the scholarship, she said, “My family and I are eternally grateful, and this money will help make sure that my education will continue.”

Connor Morissey Connor Morissey attends Massasoit Community College and plans to transfer to a four-year institution in pursuit of a nursing degree. He currently works at a hospital full-time while going to school, and intends to continue working in hospitals after furthering his education and deciding on a specialty. He has demonstrated a strong work ethic and perseverance to reach his education goals despite financial obstacles.

Brandy Weiler Brandy Weiler is studying pre-dental hygiene at Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology. She currently works full time as a dental assistant, and attends class during her lunch break to work towards the goal of becoming a dental hygienist. Brandy is also very mindful of how all of her choices affect her son, and is careful to make thoughtful decisions that lead to providing the best life possible for him. “I am immensely appreciative for the opportunity to receive this scholarship and thankful for the burden that it will lift from my shoulders for financial need during my studies,” said Brandy. “This opportunity is something that will never be forgotten as I’m working toward my dream.”

We’re incredibly proud of each of these students, and we’re thankful to play a small part in helping them reach their education and career goals. If you’re a current community college, undergraduate, or graduate student, we have a scholarship available for you right now! Learn more about these opportunities on our scholarships page and apply before May 31st.