July 2017 Community College Scholarship Winners Announced

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The SR Education Scholarship Committee is excited to announce the July 2017 Community College Scholarship winners! Many of our scholarship applicants have compelling stories, but we are especially touched and impressed with these six individuals. We are excited to extend our support to Brandon McNaught, Rikki Reynolds, David Arthur, Jennifer McCain, Kelsey Maier, and Brigette Nixon.

Brandon hopes to earn a degree in Respiratory Therapy from Stanly Community College. He currently works part-time in addition to his studies to provide for his family. After earning his degree he plans to travel to underserved areas of the country to serve tertiary facilities that lack adequate staffing and resources. He is determined to not only improve patient care but also mentor others with similar goals in the future.

Rikki attends Lassen Community College where she is currently studying Criminal Justice. She is a single mother who works full-time while attending classes to provide for her two young children. Rikki strives to become a lawyer after she graduates to make a difference in the lives of both her family and her community.

David is currently studying at Lake Land College with the end goal of working in an emergency room as a registered nurse. He works as a technician at the Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital to support his family and set a strong example for his seven children. He anticipates his life after college to be filled with learning, giving, compassion, love, and care.

Kelsey attends Columbus State Community College where she plans to graduate with a degree in nursing. She is a single mother supporting twins, and despite obstacles that she faces as a single parent she is determined to pursue a career where she will be able to help heal and touch lives. Her hope is to show her children how hard she worked to provide for them, and to set a precedent for diligence.

Jennifer’s goal is to earn a degree in business management at Olympic College before transferring to the University of Washington to complete her bachelor’s in business administration. With her strong leadership skills and unwavering resolve, she aspires to build her own business in the future.

Brigette is at the top of her class at Stark State College where she is pursuing a degree in Legal Assisting. After she graduates she hopes to work for a firm that will challenge her and push her to continue learning. “As a single mother,” Brigette said, “Receiving this scholarship has taken a heavy burden off of my shoulders. This scholarship will make it possible for me to fulfill my dreams of an education for another year.”

In addition to our winners, we selected five outstanding finalists: Johnny Gaona, Jenny Rodriguez, Alex Trajkovic, Briana Wachter, and Rachaelanne Liska. We send them our best wishes and congratulations and hope that this scholarship will help them continue their hard work.

The deadline for the next round of our Community College Scholarship is October 7, 2017. All students are encouraged to check out our website to learn about our scholarship opportunities and apply today! Follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates and reminders.