The All New Single-Parent Scholarship

Single parents face immense barriers when trying to earn a college degree. Twenty-eight percent of single-parent families in the United States live in poverty; that means a yearly income of less than $15,130 for a two-person household. Beginning in July, SR Education Group will accept applications for a $2,000 Single-Parent Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded six times a year.

“We receive many scholarship applications from single parents. In addition to financial challenges, we are struck by the fact that single parents have an enormous level of responsibility yet very little support. The statistics say that many single parents end up in a vicious cycle of poverty. We want to help break the cycle,” explains scholarship committee spokesperson Nathan Grimm.

To apply, enrolled students must answer three open-ended questions to provide a clear picture of how the award will contribute to their life goals and how they hope to impact the world around them. The scholarship committee will select a winner based on financial need, likelihood to succeed, and the applicant’s plans for serving their community. The application deadline is 8/31/2012.