October 2017 Community College Scholarship Winners Announced

Our second scholarships announcement of the month is here! We are so proud of our October 2017 Community College Scholarship winners: Rebekkah Krech, Sheena Payne, Gabriel Duran Jr., Priya Pillay, Jennifer Straus, and Justine Stephens Waldron. After reviewing over 500 applications, the SR Education Group Scholarship Committee has selected each of these hard-working students to receive $2,500.

Rebekkah Krech Rebekkah Krech, a student of Clackamas Community College, plans to eventually pursue a bachelor’s in community development. Upon learning she was selected as one of the winners, Rebekkah said, "I am overflowing with gratitude to be receiving this scholarship for community college! As a single mother who has recently fallen on hard times, this scholarship will help me to pursue a better future for myself and my daughter. I am so appreciative of this honor."

Sheena Payne Sheena Payne is working on an associate degree in nursing at Essex County College. Her goals include continuing her education in order to eventually become a family nurse practitioner or psychiatric nurse, as well as working towards being debt free while being able to support her son as he goes off to college.

Gabriel Duran Jr Gabriel Duran, Jr. is studying at New Mexico State University-Dona Ana and plans to pursue further education in the field of economics. He runs a nonprofit organization aimed at educating fathers in all walks of life, in order to strengthen the community as a whole. “I am genuinely grateful and honored to be selected for this scholarship from SR Education Group,” Gabriel said, “This organization is changing lives for students across America, and I can’t wait to “pay it forward” once I meet my educational success.”

Priya Pillay Priya Pillay is in the computer science program at Folsom Lake College, and plans to transfer to Sacramento State University to pursue a Bachelor’s in CS with a concentration in cyber security. She became inspired after preventing scammers from obtaining control of her father’s computer, and currently holds a class to help people learn how to identify scammers and prevent anything harmful from happening, as well as how to contact the appropriate authorities.

Jennifer Straus, a paramedic technology student at North Dakota State College of Science, plans to pursue a career as a state patrol officer. Despite extremely difficult circumstances, she remains determined to stick with her education and reach the career goals she has set for herself.

Justine Stephens Waldron Justine Stephens Waldron is studying business management and entrepreneurship at Renton Technical College, with the goal of using her degree to help advocate for victims of domestic abuse, through managing a local nonprofit organization. Justine has overcome personal and financial obstacles and continues to fight to support her family while advancing her education and working towards helping her community. After learning she was selected as one of the winners, she said, “This scholarship is a huge help to my family as I have returned to college later in life, in pursuit of obtaining a more fulfilling and better paying career.”

We are incredibly proud of all six of our winners, and look forward to seeing them do great things. The next round of the Community College Scholarships is already open, and all applicants are encouraged to reapply before the January 27th, 2018 deadline! Check out our scholarships page to learn more and apply today.