OnlineU Announces the 2016 Most Affordable Online Colleges

The Most Affordable Online Colleges 2016 badge

We are proud to announce a major update to The 2016 Most Affordable Online Colleges and Degrees. This massive update includes 24 subject-specific rankings of affordable colleges, as well as an overall list of the top 25 most affordable non-profit online colleges in the United States. The 24 subject rankings vary from the Most Affordable Online Teaching Programs to the Most Affordable Online MBA Degrees. was one of the first websites to publish rankings based on annual tuition. Our commitment to affordability started in 2014 when we released our first Most Affordable Online College rankings. The rankings completely standardize tuition rates, which is something no other website offers. That way, you can compare each school's offerings directly on our site, instead of trying to parse out semester tuitions or course fees on your own. OnlineU's tuition calculations are even all documented on the site in case you have any specific questions. We did all the work for you, so that you don't have to!

“There has been a lot of talk about how expensive attending college has become, but no one is taking the time to recognize colleges that are making a concerted effort to keep tuition costs low,” explains Sung Rhee, the CEO her at SR Education Group. “The colleges represented on our 2016 Most Affordable Online Colleges lists are revolutionizing the education industry by offering quality degrees at palatable prices. It is our hope that other colleges take notice and start to follow suit, lowering tuition costs all across the nation!”

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