Announcing Our Military Scholarship Winners

Military experiences influence and shape those who undergo them. Our two military scholarship winners expressed the ways the military has strengthened their characters and brought them to where they are in their academic ventures. Our scholarship board found many reasons to be proud of these individuals, and we are excited to share part of their stories with you.

Anna Darelli-Anderson Anna Darelli-Anderson is a student at the University of Utah, studying pre-med. Prior to her studies, Anna was on active duty in the United States Air Force for six years. Over those years, she experienced growth in character, found the man she has since married, and acquired a strong sense of motivation. Once she finishes her undergraduate degree, Anna intends to go to graduate school to study medicine, so she can help families and individuals going through medical hardships. She knows firsthand how troubling and helpless it can feel to stand by a sick family member, so she intends to acquire the experience needed to heal people. Another goal she has is to aid the military in any way she can, since she gratefully remembers receiving a sense of purpose and family when she enrolled in the military at a young age.

Lester Paclibar Lester Paclibar studies nursing at Cosumnes River College. Lester joined the armed forces as a young adult, and soon found himself working as a combat medic. The nurses he worked with encouraged him to pursue medical studies, which instilled a sense of purpose and motivation in him. Also while in the army, Lester grew in his capacity to care for and be kind to people regardless of their backgrounds. So, motivated by the desire to help people, he plans to become a nurse practitioner or anesthetist. Lester was excited to receive this scholarship because, while needing to pay for education, he is also caring for his loving wife and three sweet children. “I am beyond grateful to be chosen for this scholarship,” Lester wrote to our scholarship board. “I couldn’t believe it when I received the email – I was screaming in the car while talking to my wife. This $5,000 will be used to help finance my education for the future.”

We send a huge thank you to all the military scholarship applicants, wishing everyone success and encouragement on their academic journeys. We are especially grateful for Anna and Lester, and we look forward to seeing where their educational journeys lead them. If you have had military experience and are now looking for ways to fund your higher education journey, visit our scholarships application page to apply before the June 30th deadline!