Get to Know Our 5 Community College Scholarship Winners

Last but certainly not least, we want to share some more information about our amazing community college scholarship winners this quarter. These individuals all stood out to our scholarship committee because of their passion, dedication, and tenacity.

The July 2018 Community College Winners include: Kelsey Gramm, Jeffrey Pinto, Brenda Melchor, Matthew Bayliss, and Lisa Hill. We are excited to share a little more about each of these special recipients!

Kelsey Gramm Kelsey Gramm is a single mother of four attending Clark State College for Phlebotomy/PT. Kelsey plans to apply to Portland State University to finish her bachelor's degree and then go on to Pacific University for the Master Doctoral degree program in Physical Therapy. With a passion for helping others, Kelsey hopes to do volunteer work both in Africa and with the homeless while pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Kelsey’s goal is to eventually become a Physical Therapist and to inspire her sons to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Jeffrey Pinto Jeffrey Pinto is currently studying mathematics at Everett Community College. After completing his bachelor’s, Matthew plans to get his masters degree so he can fulfill his goal of becoming a math teacher. Although Jeffrey has faced a multitude of hardships throughout his life, these obstacles have only made him push harder to achieve his goals. Jeffrey is grateful that this scholarship will be able to assist him in completing his education, so he can do what he loves and inspire students.

Brenda Melchor Brenda Melchor is a single mother pursuing her degree in Computer Science at Cochise College. After completing her associates degree, she plans to attend the University of Arizona for their Cyber Operations program. Brenda hopes to work in cyber security for the government after obtaining her bachelor’s degree. Despite facing many obstacles, Brenda has strength and a determination to succeed. Brenda is excited to be able to pursue the education that she ensured her daughter received.

Matthew Bayliss Matthew Bayliss is attending Lawson State Community College in Birmingham for Special Education. Matthew chose to pursue a career as a special education teacher because he wants to make a difference in the lives of those with autism. While he knows this is a challenging job, Matthew is dedicated to his dream and is up for the challenge. Matthew has faced many tragedies in his life, but he has not let this stop him from pursuing his education.

Lisa Hill Lisa Hill, a wife and mother of two, is attending East Arkansas Community College for business. Lisa’s main goal is to give back to people, in whatever career she ends up choosing. She eventually hopes to manage a nursing home, hospital, or medical clinic. Lisa hopes to provide her children with better educational opportunities as well, and is grateful that this scholarship can help her do so. As she shared, “My dream of getting a college education can now come true because of this tremendous opportunity.”

We are so proud of the recipients of the community college scholarship! We are pleased that we can assist in getting these students closer to achieving their goals! We are excited to see what the future holds for all our second quarter scholarship recipients. Scholarships for the next quarter are now open and applications are being accepted until the September 29 deadline. For more information, visit our scholarships page. scholarships page!