September Community College Scholarship Winner, Parisa Lotfi

Parisa - Scholarship Winner SR Education Group is proud to announce our September 2012 Community College Scholarship winner Parisa Lotfi! We were enormously impressed by Parisa’s application and are proud to have her among the ranks of SR Scholarship winners.  Here’s a little bit about Parisa:

Ms. Lotfi is a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major at American River College in Sacramento, California. She hopes to one day earn a Master’s degree in order to work at a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory. While working at a National Laboratory, Parisa aims to learn from the experienced and distinguished engineers who will be her coworkers. Parisa’s ultimate goal is to work on NASA’s design aircraft and space shuttle team. Wow!  We can’t wait to say that we knew Parisa Lotfi way back at the very start of her career.

Parisa immigrated to the United States in 2008 after enduring years of persecution in her home country of Iran. Parisa included details of her difficult separation from her family in her scholarship application.  “While tears were coming down [my father’s] face, he told me that his only dream in this world was to see me in graduation clothes.”

Parisa also described the promise she sees in her new life in America. “In the United States, the right of education is given to everyone.  I am sure nothing and no one can stop a determined woman like me from getting my degree.”

We wholeheartedly agree with Parisa and wish her the best of luck in her ambitious endeavors.