Summer Lily is the May Community College Scholarship Winner

SR Education Group awards a monthly $2,000 needs-based scholarship to one Community College student. Applicants must answer three open-ended essays to illustrate financial need, career and academic goals, and how the scholarship will impact the life of the student and those around him or her. A rotating committee selects the most compelling applications to be considered finalists and a winner is named from those finalists.

Congratulations to our May 2012 Community College Scholarship winner, Summer Lilly!

Summer Lilly started off on the typical path of so many young students following the American Dream: straight A’s in high school, graduating in the top 10% of her class, and active in clubs, college wasn’t a matter of “if” but “which” to attend. Her plans changed when she married shortly after graduation and gave birth to her first child two years later. Summer still attended college part-time, but was forced to put even those studies on hold and endured an unfortunate divorce—leaving her a single mother of three children, without the education she needed.

Living below the poverty line was not enough to discourage Summer. She worked hard to excel as she resumed part-time education—ultimately earning an Associate’s Degree, Cum Laude. Throughout all of her hardships, Summer has maintained top marks in her school work as she volunteers at least two hours each week in each of her children’s classrooms along with actively volunteering in her community. Summer will round out her education, having been accepted to the Northland Pioneer College Nursing program.

Summer cites her mother as her main source of inspiration (also a single mother of three who worked hard to provide for her family while continuing her education):

Mom has instilled into me a heart of caring, a love for people, and a strong work ethic. As a nurse, I can give back to this world. I am thankful to my mother, her lessons, and her belief in knowing I can achieve.

SR Education Group has awarded Summer the May 2012 Community College Scholarship in recognition of her commitment to her family, her dedication to education, and her involvement in her community. This award will help Summer to help a whole lot of people–a worthwhile investment.