Announcing This Quarter’s Recipients for SR Education Group’s Needs-Based Scholarships

Our second round of scholarship recipients for this year have been selected and announced! These dedicated students are clearly motivated and motivating – we look forward to sharing a little bit about each of them over the next couple weeks. There are four scholarship categories into which our winners fall:

  • Community College Scholarship: Tiffany Gallicchio of Manchester Community College – CT, Kodee Campbell of Columbia Basin College, Jacob Garcia of Harrisburg Area Community College, Paris Hall of Everett Community College, Christina Lee of Southern Union State Community College, and Patience Weah of the College of Southern Nevada

  • Undergraduate Scholarship: Andrea Lockett of Tuskegee University, Dymon Saunders of Old Dominion University, Deemah Al-Omari of the University of New Mexico, and Hayley Faulkner of Southwestern Adventist University

  • Graduate Scholarship: Ken You Morisseau of Florida Atlantic University

  • Military Scholarship: Alysse Jackson of Colorado State University – Global Campus and Carina Masson of ECPI Medical Careers Institute

The 13 recipients will each receive a scholarship of $5,000. Each winner provided our scholarship panel with moving descriptions and explanations of how this scholarship would meet their needs in a way that would enable them to keep going after their educational and life goals. For example, one recipient hopes to become a forensic scientist, and her studies are an important step in being able to protect people and solve crimes. Another applicant is pursuing a degree in order to become an athletic trainer, so she can aid professional sports teams. She expressed, along with other scholarship winners, awareness of the trials and errors involved in working hard to achieve one’s dreams. This awareness and resilience stood out to the scholarship board; we look forward to sharing more about the winners’ stories in blog posts to come.

The scholarships awarded to the applicants will go towards helping them complete their degrees – ultimately, we hope, to bring them success in their various career pursuits. As one of our winners, Carina Masson, said, “This scholarship lifts a huge weight off of my shoulders and puts me that much closer to my end goal, and I cannot thank you enough!”

The SR Education Group scholarship awards occur on a quarterly basis. The scholarship applications are carefully considered by our scholarship board, and winners are chosen based on their answers to two main questions: How do you plan to use your degree in the next five years? And are there any special familial or personal reasons contributing to your financial needs? The next scholarship deadline is September 29, 2019. You can access and learn more about the application on our scholarships page.

We are grateful for all the applicants who put time and thought into answering our questions. We are especially thankful for our scholarship winners, and we hope their determination will inspire many!